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i remember you 

Song of the Day: i remember you, 1941, victor schertzinger; johnny mercer   #182. 

Mercer wrote these lyrics for Judy Garland just after they started a 30 year on-and-off love affair.

Yodeling versions by frank ifield 1962 and slim whitman 1966. Bjork covered the song in 1993.

Added to the With Intro project.

I uploaded the tab to Ultimate Guitar.


what a difference a day makes 

Song of the Day: what a difference a day makes, 1934, Maria Grever; 1959, Dinah Washington; #178.

Originally created in 1934 by Mexican songwriter Maria Grever as “cuando vuelva a tu lado” - “when I return to your side”. English lyrics that same year by Stanley Adams, and recorded by the Dorsey Brothers.

taking a chance on love 

Song of the Day: taking a chance on love, 1940, Vernon Duke, Ethel Waters, #177.

This song is from the musical “Little Cabin in the Sky”, the 1st all-black musical on Broadway. The movie is really cute, I greatly enjoyed it.

There is also a 1943 video of this song by Judy Garland & Johnny Mercer for the DoD. They do the 1st go-round, plus an original  go-round I suspect Mercer wrote for the occasion. Go-round === verse, verse, bridge, verse.

true love 

Song of the Day: true love, 1956, Cole Porter, #169. 

Added to the With Intro project.

This song is not going into a set list, but I remember that my mother liked it - probably for the guardian angels - so I wanted to record it.

on the sunny side of the street 

Song of the Day: on the sunny side of the street, 1930, Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields, #166. 

There are rumors that Fats Waller wrote this song. Fats was known to sell songs for $100 when he was short on cash. I think Jimmy McHugh might have been his main beneficiary. In some biography, Fats' son said that whenever Fats heard this song he would get an odd scowl on his face.

I don't think this is going into a set list. Even w an instrumental verse intro & repeating the bridge & last verse w an outro, it is only coming in at 1:45. Too short.

how little we know 

Song of the Day: how little we know, 1944, Hoagy Carmichael, Johnny Mercer, #162.

This is the 1st song Lauren Bacall sings in "To Have and To Have Not", the movie where Bogie met Bacall. Hoagy is in the movie as the piano player Cricket. It's a fav.

With this song recorded, I am 2 songs away from having the 15 for Set #7 in Jaz's Jukebox.

I uploaded the tab to Ultimate Guitar.

stormy weather 

Song of the Day: stormy weather, 1933, Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler, Ethel Waters. #159

Note, the Song of the Day queue is a bit backed up, so I am going to record a couple of songs/week until it gets to a more reasonable depth.

Just realized I am posting this right after I got the news that our Naples, FL house came through Hurricane Ian with flying colors, no damage, solar panels produced 35 kWh today!