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until the real thing comes along 

Song of the Day: until the real thing comes along, 1936, Fats Waller.

Sinatra covered this in 1984 & added 3 verses & a bridge. I used those but changed 1980s cultural references to something that would have flown in the 1930s.

Added to the Fats Waller project.

god bless the child 

Song of the Day: god bless the child, 1941, Billie Holiday.

I would have guessed that this was a protest song from the early-mid 1960s - maybe because it's so bluesy? 

Nope, 1941. Billie Holiday wrote the lyrics.

Great Place! 

I had great fun playing Cracklin' Jack's for the 1st time Friday, April 22, 2022, 5:30-8:30.

Nice place, very folksy, very comfortable interior; large, mostly covered patio out back. Great people, and thanks to my minder Marty & bartender David! Always a pleasure to work with professionals.

I set up in a rear corner of the patio facing towards the building. The sound was good, I could keep the volume fairly low.

Thanks to my Canadian friends Owen & Sheila Evans for coming out & taking some pix.

I was in the setting sun for quite a while, but there were breezes & fans blowing, so I was not uncomfortable.

I worked from a new set list, 1/3 Jaz Dumoz, 1/3 Jim Dumas, 1/3 Steve & Chris. After the 1st set, my minder Marty told me to play faster stuff, which I did - I just started skipping the slow songs. Then on my 2nd break, I pulled up some more faster tunes. I played a total of 44 songs.

I asked Marty why she wanted faster songs, she said that the slow songs made people sad. She'd rather they be upbeat, both the songs & the patrons. Interesting, playing in dance bands, it was usually like 3-4 fast songs to 1 slow. I had thought dinner music would be maybe more 50-50, but, apparently not.

When I played all Jaz Dumoz music in Lexington, I was told by a couple of people that I should not play so many slows. Not what I was expecting. I really don't notice slow songs "bringing me down" - I just enjoy when they are pretty songs, regardless of tempo. So maybe I'm different from most in that. I will keep evolving the set lists towards more fast songs.

The songs that do "bring me down" are generally in a minor key. I deprecated "i love paris" & "let's face the music and dance" because both struck me as ominous & foreboding, i.e., anxiety-producing, & NOT romantic, my goal. ;->

I had requests for:

  • Eagles. Did "lyin' eyes", "desperado", & "tequila sunrise". I think better would be "take it easy" and "peaceful, easy feeling".
  • Willie Nelson. Did "you were always on my mind" & "without a song".
  • "sweet caroline". The audience did their standard parts, I always love audience participation.

Several patrons wanted to know how often I played there & when I'd be back, that was appreciated. Hopefully it will be soon, although "soon" at this point is probably next season. Looking forward to it!

New and Improved! 

I had ordered 150 of my most excellent business cards, designed by aspiring freelance artist Rose Konopka (rosegenevievek@gmail.com), as described here. They were mostly gone, so time for more. Rose did a few tweaks for me: smaller signature & caricature, bigger & tweaked text, verbiage on the back. I ordered 200 this time.

Here's the New and Improved card:

What Fun! 

We had great fun playing for Wine @ Five! My visiting oldest daughter, Erica, totally stole the show. She did:

  1. dream a little dream of me
  2. walkin' after midnight
  3. i say a little prayer for you - I got to sing harmony and call/answer.
  4. they can't take that away from me - lots of fun trading off vocals & harmonizing!

The only train wreck of the gig was the 1st time I tried to use the looper. I hit the pedal to start replay, dead air. Indeed a train wreck. The output knob was turned to 0 :-0 Now added to the pre-gig checklist.