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god bless the child 

Song of the Day: god bless the child, 1941, Billie Holiday.

I would have guessed that this was a protest song from the early-mid 1960s - maybe because it's so bluesy? 

Nope, 1941. Billie Holiday wrote the lyrics.

Great Place! 

I had great fun playing Cracklin' Jack's for the 1st time Friday, April 22, 2022, 5:30-8:30.

Nice place, very folksy, very comfortable interior; large, mostly covered patio out back. Great people, and thanks to my minder Marty & bartender David! Always a pleasure to work with professionals.

I set up in a rear corner of the patio facing towards the building. The sound was good, I could keep the volume fairly low.

Thanks to my Canadian friends Owen & Sheila Evans for coming out & taking some pix.

I was in the setting sun for quite a while, but there were breezes & fans blowing, so I was not uncomfortable.

I worked from a new set list, 1/3 Jaz Dumoz, 1/3 Jim Dumas, 1/3 Steve & Chris. After the 1st set, my minder Marty told me to play faster stuff, which I did - I just started skipping the slow songs. Then on my 2nd break, I pulled up some more faster tunes. I played a total of 44 songs.

I asked Marty why she wanted faster songs, she said that the slow songs made people sad. She'd rather they be upbeat, both the songs & the patrons. Interesting, playing in dance bands, it was usually like 3-4 fast songs to 1 slow. I had thought dinner music would be maybe more 50-50, but, apparently not.

When I played all Jaz Dumoz music in Lexington, I was told by a couple of people that I should not play so many slows. Not what I was expecting. I really don't notice slow songs "bringing me down" - I just enjoy when they are pretty songs, regardless of tempo. So maybe I'm different from most in that. I will keep evolving the set lists towards more fast songs.

The songs that do "bring me down" are generally in a minor key. I deprecated "i love paris" & "let's face the music and dance" because both struck me as ominous & foreboding, i.e., anxiety-producing, & NOT romantic, my goal. ;->

I had requests for:

  • Eagles. Did "lyin' eyes", "desperado", & "tequila sunrise". I think better would be "take it easy" and "peaceful, easy feeling".
  • Willie Nelson. Did "you were always on my mind" & "without a song".
  • "sweet caroline". The audience did their standard parts, I always love audience participation.

Several patrons wanted to know how often I played there & when I'd be back, that was appreciated. Hopefully it will be soon, although "soon" at this point is probably next season. Looking forward to it!

New and Improved! 

I had ordered 150 of my most excellent business cards, designed by aspiring freelance artist Rose Konopka (rosegenevievek@gmail.com), as described here. They were mostly gone, so time for more. Rose did a few tweaks for me: smaller signature & caricature, bigger & tweaked text, verbiage on the back. I ordered 200 this time.

Here's the New and Improved card:

What Fun! 

We had great fun playing for Wine @ Five! My visiting oldest daughter, Erica, totally stole the show. She did:

  1. dream a little dream of me
  2. walkin' after midnight
  3. i say a little prayer for you - I got to sing harmony and call/answer.
  4. they can't take that away from me - lots of fun trading off vocals & harmonizing!

The only train wreck of the gig was the 1st time I tried to use the looper. I hit the pedal to start replay, dead air. Indeed a train wreck. The output knob was turned to 0 :-0 Now added to the pre-gig checklist.


1st Florida Jaz Dumoz Gig! 

Mark your calendar! 1 week from tonight, Wednesday, February 9, 2022, I will be playing at Wine at Five at the resort pool at IslandWalk town center, 5-6:30. There is a window from the resort pool to the restaurant for drinks and food.

There are rumors of a special guest performer ...

Set #6 

Set #6 has been added to the Set Lists page.

I think these 90 songs are enough for now. The Song of the Day queue currently has only 6 songs in it - as opposed to 10-12 as it was during my 100 days of posting a song a day. I'll maybe add 1 new song/month for the next few months, as i concentrate on having the current 90 ready for gigs, and hopefully playing gigs. The Jaz Dumoz songbook is at 132 songs. The Jaz Dumoz Other (rejects) book is at 11.

The Parson Is Popular 

After no previous references, the parson has come up in 3 of the last dozen or so of the songs I have worked up.

1st, "i've got a feeling i'm falling", 1929, added to the book 2021-05-27. #SongOfTheDay 2021-10-05.
   "Hey Mister Parson, stand by".

2nd, "i'm sitting on top of the world", 1925, added to the book 2021-06-06.
   "Glory, hallelujah, I just phoned the parson
    'Hey, Par, get ready to call!'"

3rd, "i'm crazy 'bout my baby (and my baby's crazy 'bout me)", 1936, added to the book 2021-10-27. #SongOfTheDay 2021-12-18.
   "Parson, get your book out".

A wider range of dates on these songs than I would have expected. I would have thought parson references would have been a fad/meme with a shorter lifespan.


It looks odd now, but it was by design: no new songs were entered from 2021-07-02 thru 2021-09-19. I had started booking gigs and was spending all my playing time practicing the set lists.