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Set #8 (and Apparently #7) 

Set #8 has been added to Jaz's Jukebox, now at 120 songs. 

Apparently I neglected to post when Set #7 was added. I probably wanted to space the post out a little from the last SongOfTheDay post and then forgot about it.

The Jaz Dumoz songbook is at 179 songs. The Jaz Dumoz Other (rejects) book is at 19.

what a difference a day makes 

Song of the Day: what a difference a day makes, 1934, Maria Grever; 1959, Dinah Washington; #178.

Originally created in 1934 by Mexican songwriter Maria Grever as “cuando vuelva a tu lado” - “when I return to your side”. English lyrics that same year by Stanley Adams, and recorded by the Dorsey Brothers.

taking a chance on love 

Song of the Day: taking a chance on love, 1940, Vernon Duke, Ethel Waters, #177.

This song is from the musical “Little Cabin in the Sky”, the 1st all-black musical on Broadway. The movie is really cute, I greatly enjoyed it.

There is also a 1943 video of this song by Judy Garland & Johnny Mercer for the DoD. They do the 1st go-round, plus an original  go-round I suspect Mercer wrote for the occasion. Go-round === verse, verse, bridge, verse.

Version 3 

Out of business cards again, time for a few more tweaks. Here's the result:


People got confused that my real name wasn't on the cards, so it is now.