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c'est si bon 

Song of the Day: c'est si bon, 1947, henri betti, louis armstrong  #197. 

Here's my a translation of the French part:

It’s so good! 
To go anywhere 
Arm in arm 
Singing songs 

It’s so good! 
To say sweet words to each other 
Little nothing-at-all’s 
But that say a lot 

Seeing our delighted faces
The passers-bye on the street envy us

It’s so good 
This little feeling 
It's better than a million, 
Because it's oh so good.

Set #9 

Set #9 has been added to Jaz's Jukebox, now at 135 songs. Here's the 15 new songs:

  1. taking a chance on love by vernon duke; ethel waters; judy garland; johnny mercer in C  1940
  2. when somebody thinks you’re wonderful by fats waller in Eb  1935
  3. satin doll by duke ellington; johnny mercer in Bb  1953
  4. stormy weather by harold arlen; ted koehler; ethel waters in G  1933
  5. let’s sing again by fats waller; jimmy mchugh; gus kahn in C  1936
  6. i remember you by victor schertzinger; johnny mercer; jo stafford; frank ifield; slim whitman; bjork in G  1941
  7. them there eyes by maceo pinkard; billy holiday in D  1930
  8. tangerine by victor schertzinger; johnny mercer in Eb  1941
  9. lullaby of birdland by george shearing in Em  1952
  10. keepin’ out of mischief now by fats waller; andy razaf; louis armstrong in G  1932
  11. lulu’s back in town by harry warren; fats waller in Eb  1935
  12. confessin’ by chris smith in G  1930
  13. bewitched (bothered and bewildered) by rogers & hart in B  1940
  14. gee, baby, ain’t i good to you by andy razaf; nat king cole in G  1929; 1943
  15. truckin’ by ted koehler; fats waller in C  1935

The Jaz Dumoz songbook is at 199 songs. The Jaz Dumoz Other (rejects) book is at 20.