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Set #6 

Set #6 has been added to the Set Lists page.

I think these 90 songs are enough for now. The Song of the Day queue currently has only 6 songs in it - as opposed to 10-12 as it was during my 100 days of posting a song a day. I'll maybe add 1 new song/month for the next few months, as i concentrate on having the current 90 ready for gigs, and hopefully playing gigs. The Jaz Dumoz songbook is at 132 songs. The Jaz Dumoz Other (rejects) book is at 11.

The Parson Is Popular 

After no previous references, the parson has come up in 3 of the last dozen or so of the songs I have worked up.

1st, "i've got a feeling i'm falling", 1929, added to the book 2021-05-27. #SongOfTheDay 2021-10-05.
   "Hey Mister Parson, stand by".

2nd, "i'm sitting on top of the world", 1925, added to the book 2021-06-06.
   "Glory, hallelujah, I just phoned the parson
    'Hey, Par, get ready to call!'"

3rd, "i'm crazy 'bout my baby (and my baby's crazy 'bout me)", 1936, added to the book 2021-10-27. #SongOfTheDay 2021-12-18.
   "Parson, get your book out".

A wider range of dates on these songs than I would have expected. I would have thought parson references would have been a fad/meme with a shorter lifespan.


It looks odd now, but it was by design: no new songs were entered from 2021-07-02 thru 2021-09-19. I had started booking gigs and was spending all my playing time practicing the set lists.


i'm crazy 'bout my baby (and my baby's crazy 'bout me) 

Song of the Day: i'm crazy 'bout my baby (and my baby's crazy 'bout me), 1936, Fats Waller.

Louis Armstrong covered the song in 1955.

Leon Redbone covered the song in 1994.

So, 19 years Fats => Louis. 39 years Louis => Leon. 27 years Leon => me.

Clearly a song with some legs. Like so many Fats songs, the song is upbeat, happy, playful, and very fun to perform.

Added to the Fats Waller and With Intro projects.

I uploaded the tab to Ultimate Guitar.

A Tale of Two Guitars 

When I started playing in Steve & Chris with blues harpist Steve Konopka (Fuzzy) in 2017, I was playing a solid body electric guitar: a Fender Stratocaster or a DBZ Imperial.

I grew up playing classical and electric guitars. I have never met a steel stringed 14 fret acoustic that I enjoyed playing.

1 Sunday at Cora Lee's open mic at Cosmic Charlie's at its cursed National Ave location, there was an old guy - Charlie Wethington, I think - playing an electric classical (nylon stringed) guitar.

I gotta get me 1 of those!

So Steve went with me to Wilcutt Guitars. They had 2 Fenders and 2 of another brand. The Fender CN-240 SCE Thinline sounded 2x as good as the others, so I bought 1. I found a nice matching strap at Willis Music, which used to have the largest local collection of straps.

Dark blond, with a woven floral rosette in gold and black. I played this in Steve and Chris from then on.

Jaz Dumoz was born around the start of the pandemic, spring 2020. When I was getting ready for my 1st Jaz gig, summer 2021, I realized I needed another of these guitars. I always like n+1 redundancy when I'm playing. Additionally, the nylon strings take weeks to get broken in. If I was gigging regularly and needed to change strings, I needed a 2nd guitar with its strings already broken in - 2 guitars kept in rotation.

I was back in Lexington and just figured I'd go to Wilcutts' and buy another 1. No luck, Fender quit making them.

So I turned to my friend, incredible guitarist Lindsay Olive, to find me one on eBay. He is very eBay-savvy.

He found one still in the factory box, about the same price I had paid before. So he got it for me.

I was expecting it to be identical to the other one. It was not: natural vs dark blond finish, and a very elegant, simple rosette, a ring of mother-of-pearl looking stuff. I found a great strap for it at etsy.com.

I was thinking, I would make this the primary Jaz Dumoz guitar. The older 1 I had played with Steve. Plus the beautiful blue strap matched my eyes ;->

Here's where the plot thickens. I'm practicing on the new guitar, the James Smith solo to "honeysuckle rose", trying to play an F and an F6 at the 13th fret. My hand is getting jammed in the cutaway?!?!?

I try it on the old guitar - no problem?!?!? I start measuring the guitars. The bodies are of a size, but look at the cutaways:

On the old (top) guitar, the farthest spot on the cutaway is between the 17th & 18th frets. 

On the new (under) guitar, the farthest spot on the cutaway is between the 15th & 16th frets!

So 2 frets difference in accessibility up the neck, ~1.5" Here's me playing the F6 on the old guitar. There is not 1.5" separation between the side of my hand and the cutaway.

It turns out the new guitar is a CN-140 SCE Thinline, not a CN-240 like the older guitar.

My 1st thought was that this was no good, I wanted the guitars to be equally capable. So I'd thought that I'd get another CN-240 and then sell the CN-140. There are more CN-240s on eBay, and you can see from the pictures that they have the same rosette and cutaway as mine.

But, I like the variety of the 2 guitars I have now. And so far, only 1 song out of ~150 where the smaller cutaway caused a problem - and not a fatal problem, you can grab the F chords, it's just a little harder. Other than that, they play pretty much identically.

So for now, I'll stick with these 2. That can of course be changed down the road.



Song of the Day: skylark, 1942, Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer.

This is such a pretty song.

Hoagy Carmichael on music (5 songs in his YouTube playlist) and Johnny Mercer on lyrics (11 songs in his YouTube playlist) seems like a gold standard. I have 1 other tune by that combo: lazybones ?!?!?

honeysuckle rose 

Song of the Day: honeysuckle rose, 1929, Fats Waller.

The intro is from the 1955 Louis Armstrong version.

The James Smith guitar solo starting at 1:20 is from a 1934 Fats video.

Added to the Fats Waller and With Intro projects.

I uploaded the tab to Ultimate Guitar.

i only have eyes for you 

Song of the Day: "i only have eyes for you", 1934.

The original version, sung by Dick Powell in the movie "Dames", is quite different than the 1956 version by The Flamingos.

I could not find the 3rd & 4th lines of the intro (which The Flamingos drop) on any lyrics site.

Added to the With Intro project.

I uploaded the tab to Ultimate Guitar.