la vie en rose

Song of the Day: "la vie en rose", 1947, Edith Piaf. 

This was the original French recording of the song. In 1950, several artists, including Edith and Louis Armstrong, recorded the song in English. I included the kiss and "C'est…

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i've got a feeling i'm falling

Song of the Day: "i've got a feeling i'm falling", 1929, Fats Waller & Billy Rose.

I got the vocal from the Gene Austin 1929 version. Annette Hanshaw also recorded this song.

Added to both the With Intro and Fats…

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(you'd be so) easy to love

Song of the Day: "(you'd be so) easy to love", 1934, Cole Porter.

Added to the With Intro project. 

What a Fun Gig!

I greatly enjoyed playing Sedona Taphouse. Started out in the direct sun on an 86° evening, but it really wasn't bad. Material was well received, yay! Management asked me back, yay! Here is a fine pic from this evening.


rockin' chair

Song Of The Day: "rockin' chair", 1929, Hoagy Carmichael.

Hoagy wrote some of my fav tunes of these standards.


tea for two (with looper)

I did my 1st Song Of The Day since July 19: "tea for two (2) (with intro)", 1924, Vincent Youmans.

I already recorded this song 2021-01-03.

This time I put the looper on for the main song & then soloed…

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1st Gig!

Just booked the 1st Jaz Dumoz gig! 

Sedona Taphouse on the patio.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 6-8 pm.

Be there or be square!



Set #5

I just added Set #5 to the Set Lists page. I think this is the last set I will do for a while. In anticipation of getting some gigs (no jinx, fingers crossed), I will slow down on adding new…

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Projects Page

The About page talks about my Fats Waller project and the "Songs with Intros" project. I created a Projects menu selection and pages for both these projects. Each page's Playlist heading is linked to Youtube, as are the individual songs.

Ship It!

Well, it took longer than desired, but the website is done. BandZoogle seems to be a pretty good framework for creating a musician website.

Thanks to my daughter, renowned Brooklyn UX designer Erica Heinz (, for help picking…

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