la vie en rose

Song of the Day: "la vie en rose", 1947, Edith Piaf. 

This was the original French recording of the song. In 1950, several artists, including Edith and Louis Armstrong, recorded the song in English. I included the kiss and "C'est la vie." at the end from Edith's 1950 English version.

The Louis Armstrong version of the song was Song of the Day October 26, 2020. Edith's English version included an interlude, Louis's didn't.

I got a copyright claim on YouTube for this song. From Sony, for infringing on "La Vie En Rose, Live (2012)". 1947 is 74 years ago??? I thought copyright was 70 years, apparently it's 95. Still, claiming I'm infringing on a 2012 recording I've never heard of, copying a 1947 song seems incongruous. I contested the claim. An interesting exercise, hopefully I won't lose my YouTube channel.

Added to the With Intro project.


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